Intermediate Wim Hof Breathing Tips

Intermediate Wim Hof Breathing Tips

I've been doing Wim Hof breathing and retention for some time now, and I want to share some tips. Although I cannot do 8 minutes like Erwan Le Corre, I can do a decent 4. Now, I'm not greedy, and because I prefer to spread knowledge and strengthen the pleb network, I decided to list my tips for intermediate Hoffers.
This post is my reaction to this pair of tweets:

I'm going to list the things I do to get to 4. If you can do more, please share with me.

Tips for reaching 4 minutes

Preparation phase

  1. Clear your mind of errands, concerns, and plans - it negatively impacts your performance
  2. Start with the intention of doing a set amount of rounds, e.g. 3 or 5, more, but no less than 3 because it's qualitatively different experience
  3. It will take some time. Ensure nothing will bother you or demand your attention
  4. Lie down instead of sitting
  5. Flat, no pillows

Breathing phase

  1. Don't make unnecessary movement
  2. Use your diaphragm: breathe into your belly first, then fill up the chest
  3. Start with a calm but full flow
  4. Continue, solely focusing on fullness and flow of your breath - maintain the depth of your breaths through
  5. Only use your mouth in and out, but
  6. at a random moment during breathing, you may do 5 strong breath-ins through your nose - it has its advantages as it triggers a nervous system reaction for increased oxygen uptake
  7. Make the last inhale super full, but don't push yourself with the final exhale - it's not Lion's Breath

Retention phase

  1. Relax, go with the flow, do your best to lose the sense of time passing
  2. Don't worry about your first swallow. It doesn't have to mean you're 50% or close to over
  3. Don't move, don't think
  4. When intense tingling arises, just observe it, try to detach from it
  5. If the urge to breathe is unbearable, start counting, e.g. if you know your goal is 3 minutes and you're at 2:40, start counting the last 20 seconds backward. This will focus your attention and by setting a goal, you're more likely to reach it. It does work in other physical activities too.

Final tips

  1. Getting too hot (in the sun) or too cold (wind, or sometimes lying still without cover) can negatively affect your retention time
  2. Try an audio guide like this one:

Not mine, but I used it to reach 4 minutes. I wish you good luck. Feel free to let me know if this is good for you or if you think this guide is missing something.

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